Spirit Nation by Gypsy

Reviewed by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

 Yesterday I opened a package from my old friend Gypsy in Salem . It contained her new CD: Spirit Nation. I was personally excited about this latest release, because I’d arranged permission for her to cover Gwydion’s famous Pagan anthem, “We Won’t Wait Any Longer.”

 So I put it on our sound system in our Temple , got all comfy, and settled in for a wonderful and inspiring musical journey into the Underworld, and back out to a triumphant reclaiming of our Pagan place in the world!

 I was delighted to discover that not only Gypsy and Gwydion wrote lyrics for this album, but also my dear old (in the sense of having known each other for four decades) friends Erinna Northwind and Isaac Bonewits.

 The journey begins, appropriately enough, with a powerful Rite of Initiation. This is followed by a tribute to the Starwood festival where so many of us have met and danced around the bonfire for the past 30 years.

The Elements are invoked and stirred into the cauldron with William Gray’s energy- (and hair-) raising “Mill of Magick.” This is followed by an exquisite love spell to call one’s true Wiccan Soulmate. The note says it’s by Gypsy for Richard, her own Priest and lifemate.

 Next comes an “Esbat Meeting Song,” evoking many Full Moon Circle s I’ve known. And this takes us to a poignant paean for the “Fallen Angel:” “Believe in yourself and make miracles.”

 But the true Great Work of this album, and the piece that brought me to my knees in joyous tears of recognition, is “I Am Thy.” This is the perfect love song that can come only out of a lifetime shared with one’s true Soulmate and Magickal Partner: Priestess to Priest; Witch to Magician. I could not but think of Morning Glory and our 36 years together!

 And then (appropriately enough at this Samhain season), we journey into the Underworld in memories of “Jack and All Our Dear Ones” departed beyond the veil, whom “we’ll meet and know and love again in Avalon.” There we meet The Morrigan, for “without the touch of your white wings, we cannot have rebirth.” This song is by Isaac, and it always sends chills up my spine.

 And finally, the rousing and triumphant Pagan Anthem by our own beloved Bard, Gwydion Pendderwen: “We Won’t Wait Any Longer.” You’ve heard it a thousand times, but never—I guarantee—like this!

 So I say, buy this CD, and play it in your Circle !

  It’s FABULOUS! You rock, Priestess!