Spirit Nation by Gypsy

It is finally here. I am so excited to tell everyone that Gypsy, the High Priestess of The Temple of Nine Wells, Witch, singer, song writer, musician and business woman has released her newest CD, Spirit Nation.

Spirit Nation is an inspired work of art that everyone should have in their music collection.

Spirit Nation is a beautiful and complex quilt of musical power, a magickal shield of sound, and yet it can also be an inspiring anthem calling all Pagans, Wiccan's and Witches to action. Action to live your life as you truly believe. The last song We Won't Wait Any Longer was written by Gwydion Pendderwen of the Church Of All Worlds and is considered by many to be a Pagan anthem. In Gypsy's version, it also incorporates her Pentacle Poem and well loved Pagan root chants: We are an old people...by Morning Feather (melody derived from the Isis Astarte chant by Deena Metzger & Caitlin Mullen), We are the Flow ... by Shekhinah Mountainwater, Hoof and horn... by Ian Corrigan and We all come from the Goddess ...by Zusanna Budapest.

Gypsy has used her mystical vision to give new life to this beautiful song many of us have sung while in the sacred circle.

Speaking of anthems, the title song Spirit Nation takes the listener on a magickal journey into the world of Starwood, an annual event put on by the Association for Consciousness Exploration. Like all Pagan oriented events, Starwood, takes on a magickal life all its own, drawing the attendee's into a mystical world that you want to last far longer than it does. Gypsy's song Spirit Nation does a fantastic job of evoking that feeling inside you, leaving you wanting more.

I have to admit the song A Hymn To The Morrigan holds a special meaning for me. The song A Hymn To The Morrigan is a powerful and heartfelt reminder of the significance of the Goddesses and Gods of old. More than that A Hymn To The Morrigan is a message of the complexities of those deities of old that have not been forgotten and should be honored everyday, not just in circle.

Spirit Nation is a beautiful, powerful and complex music CD that can be enjoyed both in and out of circle. Gypsy has successfully mixed musical styles ranging from avant-garde to traditional. Her songs give us different perspectives on life's challenges, ranging from the loss of a loved one, spell casting, the search for a soul mate to honoring Goddesses and Gods of old. Gypsy has proven that her musical talents are unlimited. This is a must own musical CD. I love Spirit Nation and I know you will too.

Rev. Joe Estes