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Excellence and Authenticity in Witchcraft and Magickal Supplies since 1981 e.v.

"Traditional Magicks for the New Aeon"

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The Nu Aeon Collection of Altar Pantacles in Three Metals

$84.00 Copper & Brass

$99.00  Silver Plated Copper


Symbolized Pentacle in Brass, Copper & Silver Plated Copper


                                      Knotwork Pentacles                                                     Elevenfold Seal


Pentacle Paten in Brass & Copper & Silver Plated Copper

Our 6" photoengraved Nu Aeon Collection   Altar Patens have set the standard of excellence for use as ritual platters and emblems of the Art Magickal on altars across America since we first introduced them in the early 1980's.  Used for consecration of tools, "cakes and wine", and in defense of the Magick circle, these authentic patens are crafted in copper and brass and some are also silver plated.  They are available to practitioners for use in Magick and Witchcraft.  (Not shown but also available are the Runewheel  Paten & Angelic Septagram Paten.)

 *We designed the Elevenfold Seal of Enchantment  to represent the union of Macrocosm and Microcosm as Divine Will Manifests through the unique lens and parameters of finite human consciousness.  We create change in accordance with Will to attune and align with Cosmic Mind.  The words read "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the Law, love under will."

***We have thousands of authentic, effective and potent magickal supplies for you to purchase and knowledgeable practitioners from whom to order them. CALL US @ 1-800-Mastery (627-8379)  or fax us at (978) 744-3296. You may also email your orders to us at customer_service @wlpssp.com and we will come up with a total for you and send you an email with a PayPal link or you may fax us your credit card information or we will work out another method of payment. We are in the process of creating a new shopping cart and web store, so please be patient during our transformations. In the meantime, happy shopping!

Blessed Be, With Love From Salem,