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"At least once in an Aeon a great recording appears!"

Explorations in Rock, Pop and Magick

by Salem's High Priestess of Song

I am a singer/songwriter and my recording, "Enchantress" , has become a favorite of the national and international magickal community. Combining the magickal arts with music, over 30,000 copies of "Enchantress" have been sold since its release on cassette tape in 1990.

 Enjoy these song samples:

Each CD $17.95

Here's what a few satisfied listeners had to say ...

“Enchantress” is a powerful expression of one Witch’s personal beliefs and faith. It sounds like red and purple velvet and incense smoke curling in the air. The complex melodies, instrumental and voice, draw you in until you are in a world of the artist’s making.,," ( full review ) -Valerie Hadden Examiner.com Boston Pagan reporter

I LOVE "Enchantress"! The CD's title couldn't be more perfect: listening to Gypsy's magical songs and beautiful voice is truly an enchanting experience. Highly recommended!...- Judika Illes , Author, Medium, Occultist 

"Enchantress is ...absolutely spectacular ... - Margot Adler-Author of Drawing Down the Moon

Enchantress lives up to its name. It is an absolute delight.” - Raymond Buckland -Author of Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft & other fine titles.   

"Gypsy's voice is beautifully spellbinding...earth-centered music to rejoice by." - Magical Blend Magazine

"I was enthralled!  It's wonderful...one of the best ... that has come out of this movement." - Selena Fox - Circle Network & Sanctuary

"... outstandingly hip...!"- Green Egg Magazine

Let Gypsy's voice encircle you with light!


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