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Invoke the Power of Angelic Magick with this Talismanic Plaque

The First Pantacle of the Sun

From the Greater Key of Solomon the King

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

This magickal talisman, bearing the graven image of the great angel Metatron, can be considered a centerpiece of the most famous medieval grimoire of the Qabalistic Hermetic Tradition, The Greater Key of Solomon the King. We present this First Pantacle of the Sun as a wish granting talisman that can be used as a focus to manifest the truest heart's desires of its possessor.  As such, the management of WLP/SSP suggests that this plaque be used as an emblem for the accomplishment of the Great Work, attunement with the High Self and discovery of one's True Will.

It may be placed upon the ritual altar to empower solar magickal workings in the day and hour of the Sun, posted as a guardian above the entrance way to one's home, or used in ritual to remind us of the central meaning and purpose of our lives. This revised image of the First Pantacle of the Sun  is also intended to serve as a bridge to the Holy art of Ceremonial Magick for practitioners of the Craft of the Wise who have yet to discover the inner identity of the Horned One and this emblem of the Magick and Power of the Most High God, El Shaddai.     

Azaradel 2001 e.v. WLPSSP

Love is the law, love under will.

This 7" hydrostone clay plaque sells for $66.60

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